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In order to maximize the potential of your business it is vital to plan ahead and make provision for the opportunities and threats which can affect your companies’ growth. One of the major difficulties facing a successful business is the problem of “copycat” operators who seek to benefit from your success by offering similar products/services to those that your company is trading in. This activity can often result in “brand dilution”; increased marketing costs and ultimately, substantial loss of income.

In order to combat this threat, Formations House offers you a solution by providing
Trademark Ready Companies.

A trademark ready company is one which has a distinct identity and which can be protected by a trademark. 

Names which can be trademarked are names which are unique, i.e., they are names created from the imagination, they cannot be generic words

The Trademark Ready package from Formations House offers you peace of mind and the ability for your business to conduct planned growth.

The package includes the following benefits:

UK Limited Company with all transfers and documentation

We will undertake trademark registration for you in any single class nominated

We include both .com & .co.uk domains for your company

We continuously support your business growth by providing you with access to a broad range of business services which are amongst the most cost effective solutions available anywhere in the world

If you would like to place an order or require further information please
Contact us at: info@formationshouse.co.uk. Tel: ++ 44 207 255 2557.


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We Offer Incorporated Companies List Check Name Online Order Form FAQs Price Virtual Services Office