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1. Preparation of annual accounts, i.e. Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
2. Filing of annual statutory accounts with Companies House.
3. Filing of Corporation Tax Return (CT600) form with the Inland Revenue.
4. Taxation and Legal Advisory in dealing with Companies House and Inland     Revenue.
5. Free Accounting Software

With every Annual Accountancy package ordered, we supply you with a free copy of our Infini Accounts Pro software to manage your business transactions electronically. In addition, we also provide a review service for the accounts that you maintain on Infini Accounts Pro, giving you the assurance that your accounts are appropriately maintained.

To Place your order please contact us at info@formationshouse.com

Today and tomorrow ...
Today's business world is getting tougher and more competitive with each passing day. Are you prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow? Integration of business functions and consolidation of resources are the means to ensuring the sustainability and profitability of your organisation. Gaining an edge over competitors requires you to keep your fingers on the pulse of the market and be proactive by employing the best resources.
A Blue Print for Success ...
There are several business integration software solutions available in the market today. Making a choice becomes more and more difficult as the number of options increases. Whether you are just starting your quest, or have been surveying the market, a look at Infini Accounts, our dynamic, feature rich, and comprehensive business integration software solution, would compel you to conclude your search. It accomplishes the goal of seamlessly integrating and streamlining various business functions. Effective implementation of Infini Accounts can help reduce overhead costs and increase your productivity.To make this choice even easier, at this time we are offering Infini Accounts as a Value added benefit of your association with us.Let Infini Accounts speak for itself...
  Business Integration
If different functions, such as, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing etc within your organisation are operating as separate entities instead of working as an integrated unit, then considering the current pace and orientation of the business world, you might loose the competitive edge.
  Beyond the Horizon
A couple of the pre-requisites for conducting business in the information age are:

clear and instantaneous communication between business functions and personnel, and
operations at maximum speed with greatest efficiency.

Achieving these benchmarks requires keen vision, long term planning, and ability and willingness to embrace and implement cutting-edge technology.

  Infini Online Accountant
Your mobile accountant, at your desktop, anywhere in the world.
  A glimpse of tomorrow
  • infini Accounts Client/Server edition
  • Infini Online Accountant
  • Infini Statutory Accounts
  • Infini Company Tax Returns eFiling
  • Infini Payroll
  • eCommerce may be an option for many today; from tomorrow the story changes. A growing trend in using more customised eCommerce systems to enable a truly real-time interaction with the whole business community, so to speak. We anticipated the future, and have included a simple yet effective eCommerce interface to enable the business of today to meet tomorrow with style.
  • Secure connectivity to the network and with customers with complete pass word protection for all online transactions.
    Version compatibility allows you to use the same database in multiple versions of Infini Accounts Pro, with the help of a new database import and export tool.
  • Link with Accounts Centre for preparation of statutory accounts and company tax returns online.
    24x7 online customer service available. report any problems or queries and receive a prompt online response.

Stock Management

  • Create detailed database entries for each product
  • Identify movement of specific product through the company
  • Create product categories up to 4 levels
  • Adjust stock levels for goods drawn from stock and other additional movements in and out of the warehouse
  • Integrate updated product data and stock levels with the eCommerce service
  • Track products by make, product category, manufacturer, warehousing location
  • Assign multiple stock locations for each product or products
  • View and modify product details, in summary and extended formats
  • Create products assemblies from stocked products
  • Transfer sub-assemblies and linked products to the assembly
Accountant ..
Working with Infini Accounts..
  • Operates on a manual (front end) and automated (back end) mode simultaneously to keep your accounts and ledgers updated
  • Calculate the net VAT payable for each period
  • Efficient management of all transactions and balances: revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and capital
  • View the summary of all financial transactions, accounts, and ledger balances over the financial year
A user friendly business integration software that accommodates users of all skill levels. Its interface is 3-way accessible with a user panel, tree menu, and drop down menus. In case of any problems, an extensive help section provides all the help you may need.

  • Integration with customers' shopping cart
  • Quick registration as an online merchant
  • Real time uploading and availability of products online
  • Create complete product catalogues by uploading images to improve your presentation skills
  • Issue invoices to online customers for goods ordered and shipped
  • Automatic customer profiling in Infini Accounts Pro sales ledger
  • Update your customers' accounts on your online outlet to allow them to view and print invoices, shipping documents etc.
  • Accept payments by credit card, cheque and direct bank transfers
  • Complete integration with your business website
  • Real time placement and acceptance of orders
  • Offers 24x7 support for uploading and downloading transactions and account information
  • Download and process product orders placed by customers as they arrive
  • View customer profile before processing orders
  • Activate or deactivate product availability to customers accessing your online store at InfiniShops
  • Upload customer feedback questions for each product
  • faster upload and download of data from your computer
  • Create distinct company bank and cash account profiles, with initial and subsequent balances
  • View account balances and summaries of transactions in each account
  • Minimum reserve or balance level alerts
  • Payments and receipts in cash and against ledger accounts
  • Make required adjustments to bank account for reconciliation purposes
  • Record transfer of funds between accounts
  • Correct account or transaction details
  • Amend or modify account details
  • View detail of relevant accounts and ledgers affected by each transaction
  • Auto balance calculator during payments in vendors or receipts from customers
  • Reconcile of selected lots of transactions
  • Enter list of recurring transactions for periodic payments or receipts for a specific duration
  • Backup your current Infini Accounts Pro database on your local or network computer
  • Assign customized (default) account policies for customer and vendor accounts and product details
  • Enter company details for printing invoices, letter heads, envelopes and other documents
  • Restore previously saved database file from your local or network computer
  • Maintain or remove unused or data tables from the Infini Accounts Pro database and refresh your system
  • Scan images, invoices and other documents for uploading to the online store for online customers to view product catalogues and other documents as required
  • Backup Infini Accounts Pro to a remote location, such as a computer on your wireless network or on an internet server
  • Reports designed for all managerial levels, from operational to strategic
  • View with default and customizable properties
  • Several report formats, allowing you to choose and modify settings to suit your requirement
  • View reports on screen, send to print or save in html and text file format on your computer
  • Integrates completely with the mainstream Infini Accounts Pro system and uses its database to create reports.
  • Creating or modifying vendor account details
  • Issue purchases orders for goods
  • Record invoices received from and payments made to vendors
  • Vendor account customization policies
  • Manage supplier account information and balances
  • Automated inventory management on delivery of orders and payment of invoices
  • Add, view or modify customer information
  • Accept payments in multiple modes
  • Determine discounts for individual customers
  • Manage customer account portfolio and settlement patterns
  • Create sales orders for customers
  • Enter multiple addresses for delivery, contact, and other details for customers
  • Assign policies to identify customer payment trends (aging) and sales
  • Automated inventory management on placement of orders and issue of invoices
Success is in seizing the right opportunity at the right time, and Infini Accounts can be just that for you. Here it is, in front of you to witness what it has to offer. brimming with capabilities, ready to be utilized. Now it’s just a matter of you deciding to take the next step towards success with the help of Infini Accounts.
  Our other accounting solutions include:

Infini Client/Server edition
The network based accounting solution for companies with unlimited users.

Infini Statutory Accounts
Prepare your company accounts online for submission to Companies House and the Inland Revenue; easily downloadable in approved format.

Infini Online Accountant
Your very own web-based accounting service enabling to manage your figures all over the world.

Infini Payroll
Manage your complete payroll system online with our end-to-end service involving e-filing with the Inland Revenue.

For information regarding our products and services, contact us at

Formations House
29 Harley Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)207 255 2557

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