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Why our companies are better?

We form companies with you as the first directors, and shareholders, other agents form companies using agent director (s) then resign and transfer the shares to your directors. The presence of these agent directors and shareholders leads to confusion and delay when opening bank accounts, or anything involving credit transactions for your company like opening a merchant account or lease arrangements. The reason is that anyone doing a search of your company will find the first shareholders were not yourselves but the agent, they will then ask proof from yourselves that the shares have been transferred to yourselves, to confirm that you are in fact the owner of the company. We form CLEAN COMPANIES you are appointed as director (s) and shareholder at the outset. It means no other director or shareholder other than the ones you appoint will appear in the company registry.

Formations House

At Formations House, we provide one of the highest rated company formation services to our clients around the world, particularly for UK residents. Our expertise ranges from local to international affairs, thus giving our clients an edge over others in accessing the international market. We provide complete formation solutions for new and existing businesses, including legal affairs pertaining to their business, whatever the intended form or mode of operation.

Our services extend to all clients who are interested in starting their business with any amount of capital or any legal status: a small family business, partnerships, private limited and unlimited companies, public limited companies of any kind. Experts at Formations House are available around the clock for opinions and analysis of your business and the economic factors affecting it and the industry at large.

Formations House is proud to offer its services at highly competitive rates for all our customers, throughout the world. An addition to our service is the continuous online support for all our clients via the Internet and Email. Clients may even register for their companies with us online, a quicker and more accurate procedure for launching your company.

Registering your company in the United Kingdom

Registering in the UK is not a lengthy procedure, the applicant must, however, be well aware of the requirements of Companies House and the entire process may become quite tedious for some individuals. Formations House gives you the edge in forming your own company with our online search and register system. You can select your desired company from a list of pre-registered names or apply for one from scratch. In either way, you can also apply for additional facilities and fill in the form for Directors, Secretaries, and initial shareholders of the company, thus creating a ready-made Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Formations House certifies that all company names which have either been pre-registered and held in our database or registered according to the clients' preference, have not been used and are currently updated with Companies House to ensure that they do not exist as registered company names in the United Kingdom.

Applying with us online is very easy. Follow the 7-step approach to searching and registering your company with Companies House, without the need for extensive paperwork; all of it is covered by Formations House. You will be registered as the Founding director and shareholder of the company, this means that you can open your doors for equity or debt financing from other sources since the company is actually registered in a real persons name who is responsible for the operations of the company. Not only is you application processed faster, it is much more accurate and you can even modify any of the previously entered details; and it is very economical too.

If you have any queries about compliance and other information for companies, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for details on each relevant topic.

Formations House can assist you in interacting with various organisations, such as financial institutions and property consultants etc. for your banking and office premises related issues.

To apply by mail or consultation, call our office in London at 020 7255 2557 or email us at info@formationshouse.co.uk.

Registering your company on an offshore centre

Offshore locations have a great attraction for companies of all forms from all countries of the world. Formations House gives you the ideal opportunity to set up your own company without the need for being physically present. You are not restricted based on domicile or origin and your company may be controlled by you or an agent located on the offshore territory.

Formations House facilitates its clients with the most flexible and highly valued services for forming or acquiring businesses and/or estate and property.

Should you seek information about specific offshore centres and/or any of the above, please Contact

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